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PATOLIS means “hometown” (The Father’s house) in Greek. They had been active in music before, but as they named the group, PATOLIS, they began full-fledged musical activities in June, 2007. They had been performing street lives at facilities for elderly, hospitals, and roadside stations. They were invited to sing gospel songs and participated in various local events. The group consists of a husband who plays the guitar, a wife, and a flute player. Many people are moved and touched by their singing. While they lived in Hokkaido, they sang at more than 100 places. In 2009, at the National Gospel Group Contest, they won the 7th place and received the Jury’s special award. PATLIS has been singing original gospel songs.



Great Love~Covered by warm love~

In 2009, J-Gospel song, “Great love” receives an award for the best lyrics and   song. They recorded this song and other hit songs in the CD. Motoko Taniguchi from True Vine joined in singing for the second song “Your Grace”!

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