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L'abeille is a gospel group formed in 2008. L'abeille means “bees” in French. They have a vision that they would like to bring the love and the word of God to the world just like bees carry flower nectar to bear fruits. They have been performing street lives in Tokyo areas, and having gospel concerts at welfare facilities. In 2014, they participated in the Gospel Showcase and had a street live in Hollywood. They have been expanding their sphere of activity. The members are Mari (Vo.& Key) and Yumi (Vo.).

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They have concerts at welfare facilities in Nakano and Arakawa. They also gave concerts at welfare facility Saitama Super Arena, at Keyaki Hiroba Christmas Concert in Fukushima Koriyama city.

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Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisu 1-23-21 Yamato Heights 801
TEL: +81-03-5760-6337