Gospel Seed

Chorus Group



Gospel Seed sings Japanese gospel songs (J-gospel) nationwide as they base

their activities in Tokyo, performing street lives and singing at various facilities

and events. The group consists of four members: Joseph (Vo, AG), Harumi (Vo,

Pf), Shunsuke (EG), Takuya (Vo, EG).

In 2011 and 2012, they took the second place consecutively at the National

Gospel Group Contest held in Hakuba, Nagano prefecture. They won the third

place in 2014 and they received a prize for ten consecutive years since 2005. In

2007, the group participated in the gospel conference of GMWA held in Los

Angeles and stood on the same stage with outstanding gospel singers.

In addition, they performed street lives in Hollywood in 2013. Gospel Seed

released original and self-produced CDs; "When the Time Comes", "KEY",

"Before You are Born", "MARANTHA", and "Give Praise to the Lord".

They also make musical arrangement for other Japanese gospel groups and

produce CDs.

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“When the Time Comes”

8 songs are included in the CD.
1. When the Time Comes / 2. Morning Star / 3. KEY / 4. Life / 5. Grabbing the dreams of rainbow/ 6. In Your Way / 7. Before You are Born / 8. Word of Love

1,500 yen


東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-23-21 ヤマトハイツ 801
TEL: 03-5760-6337