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“Gifts” is a gospel group formed in November 2002.
The name of the group has a meaning, "the present."
They have one vision that “they want to convey
a reliable and an unchangeable thing through gospel in the world."
As they base their activities in Tokyo, they perform street lives
and concerts in all over Japan and foreign countries.
In 2006, Gifts was the first participant as Japanese to perform
at The West Coast Gospel Conference held in Hollywood.
Additionally, in 2008, they sang gospel songs
at the world's largest church with about 700,000 members in Korea.
At the National Gospel Group Contest, they won the first place
for five consecutive years since 2009.

The members are DAVID/SAMUEL/ HISA/YOHANE and KAYANO who is the pianist.

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■Concerts at Hospitals

Miyagi Prefectural Psychiatry Medical Center/ Miyagi Prefectural Cancer Center / Miyagi Prefectural Cardiovascular Center / Sendai Social Insurance Hospital / Aomori, Hirosaki Stroke Rehabilitation Center / Nagano, Suwa Red Cross Hospital / Tokyo NTT Eastern Japan Hospital / Tokyo Yamato Hospital /Mie, Kuwana Eastern Medical Center / Gifu General Hospital / Kochi Izumi-no Hospital/ Fukuoka Dazaifu Hospital / Okinawa Olive Mountain Hospital

■Concerts in medical societies

A concert in psychiatry medical forum held at Natori-shi Miyagi Cultural Center
A concert at the national occupational therapist society meeting held at the International Center in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
A concert at a nursing society of national renal insufficiency in Yokohama
A concert at the fourth chronic kidney disease citizen forum in Ina, Nagano
A concert at the social gathering of the fourth international health counseling society held in Tsukuba University, Tokyo campus




1. Dance! / 2. The Joy of the Lord is My Strength
2 Original Japanese Gospel Songs included.
1000 Yen


「God's Love to the World Gifts Best Selection」

5th CD Eternal Love, Big Love, the 13th National Gospel Contest Winning Song,
God’s Love to the World.
1. God’s Love to the World/2. 2. Eternal Love/3. 3. Big Love
4. 4. Praise from my heart/5. 5. Big Love(Samuel Ver.)
1500 Yen


「In the Shining Light」

Gifts 4th CD
1. In the Shining Light/2.True Love Covers Me
3. For Your Future/4. Cherry Blossom/5. When the Time Comes
定価 1,500円(税込)

Company Profile

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisu 1-23-21 Yamato Heights 801
TEL: +81-03-5760-6337