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Come & Worship was founded in Kobe in 2004. It is a cozy

J-gospel band led by David Maeda, the leader and vocalist,

and mainly formed by his family. They sing their own

original songs that are full of love and hope. In 2006, they

relocated the base of their activities and moved to Tokyo.

In the same year, Come & Worship participated in the

Gospel Show Case held in Los Angeles and two months

later the group was invited to perform at the West Coast

Gospel Conference as the first Japanese gospel group.

Come & Worship performs street lives in Hollywood and

sing original gospel songs in Israel, Jordan, Greece, U.K.,

Germany, Czech, Belgium, and Finland.
The saxophone

player, Sarah has performed at a concert called Count

Down Japan held at Makuhari Messe, and other events

such as Sendai ARABAKI and Yokohama Greenroom. She

also stood on the stage of the event with tens of thousands

people. Come & Worship consists of six members;

David (Vo,Ag), Sarah (Sax,Cho), Makoto

(Ba), Israel (Cho), Samuel (Eg,Ag,Ba,key), and Asaph (Dr,Cho).




God is Love~Love is Everything

All songs are original gospels. 9 songs are included in the CD.
1.God is Love~Love is Everything /2. Grabbing the Dreams of Rainbow/ 3.Wings/ 4.From my hand to your heart/5.Light of Hope /6.Love Song/ 7.Beyond the Doors / 8.Two of us/ 9.Akatsuki(Daybreak)
1500 Yen


東京都渋谷区恵比寿1-23-21 ヤマトハイツ 801
TEL: 03-5760-6337