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Beracha means “blessings” in Hebrews. Since 2007, Beracha started to sing as a singer songwriter in Los Angeles. While attending a college that teaches Gospel, she sang at retirement homes, performed street lives, and participated in several events. In 2014 fall, she relocated the base of her activities from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan. Songs, which she composed, have been sung by many gospel groups throughout Japan and the world. She has a motto that gospel gives true hope of living, strengths and joy. Beracha has been giving concerts regularly at retirement homes, hospitals and events. The group also participated in a concert held in Denver, sang Gospel in Israel, performed street lives in Hollywood, at the Third promenade in Santa Monica, and in Waikiki. She has one vision that she want to bring the Gospel to 50 states in the U.S.A. and to the world.



■Concerts at Hospitals

Keiro Senior Health Care in Los Angeles
Keiro Intermediate Care Facility
Mitaka Central Rehabilitation-Care Center
Mitaka-shi rehabilitation facility for elderly, HANAKAIDO
Yokufu-kai Hospital
Yokufu-kai the third Nanyouen
Yokufu-kai rehabilitation facility for elderly, KUNUGI
Chatan American Depot
Pallette Kumoji
Aeon Haebaru Shopping Center
Asagaya Drum

Company Profile

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